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Barb Dunn

Senior Financial Advisor

Barb is very passionate about helping her clients reach their financial goals. Her priority is to help educate individuals and families with choosing the right products that suit their needs.  She works with them to assist in preparing for whatever life may throw their way.

If you were to become critically ill and needed time off of work, would you be financially prepared for that situation?

Barb can assist you on the right path to being financially independent.  She had struggled financially in the past and was able to rebuild her credit in a couple of years as she applied new skills and became educated.

As a Laboratory Technician, an ER clerk and a staff trainer working for 25 years in the medical field, Barb saw what some people had to go through financially while trying to deal with their medical circumstances.  She has a well-rounded perspective not only in the financial industry but many aspects of daily living with a focus on preparedness.

She is married with a family, and she has been together with her husband for 30 years.  She has two sons and one granddaughter.  She enjoys gardening both vegetables and flowers.  She also enjoys listening to motivational and inspirational speakers.

Barb lived in Ontario and has now made her new home in British Columbia! Contact Barb for more information on the services she can provide for you and get going on the right financial pathway.


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